Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boxyn?

The Boxyn app is an IM conversation style interface to your existing email account. Think of it as an overlay to email, allowing you to easily and quickly reply with short messages.

Boxyn only shows you messages and conversations from contacts in your device address book and any other email you choose to whitelist.

Get Started

Download the app first. Once installed, just enter your usual email address and password on loading the app. Boxyn uses auto configure data to log in to your email service, if this data isn't available you can manually configure this in advanced settings.

I'm getting an error on set up

If you get the error on first set up “Failed to authenticate..” this is likely caused by an incorrect username or password, please try again. You can go to Advanced settings and manually configure the connection to your email server, your email provider should publish these.

Message Screen

To start a new conversation Tap the compose icon on the top right, start typing in the To: box and select a contact from the address book. Or type a full email address and press +.

To continue a conversation just open it with a tap.

Type your message, when finished tap the Boxyn icon next to text box.

How do I know message has been sent?

You will see a green tick confirming the message has been delivered to recipient's server.

How do I send a picture?

Click the paperclip button and select camera or gallery.

How do I send a file?

We don't support that yet, but we are planning to develop file storage tools to compliment Boxyn.

I want to see messages from senders not in my address book

Tap "show more messages" and select who you want to whitelist. Emails from them will now come directly into the main message list.

You can also free type an email address in the box at the bottom and press +

I don't want to see some emails in message list

Swipe left (iOS) or long press (Android) and select “hide”. This will hide any further messages from the sender, the sender will be visible in the more messages list, so you can add them back later if you want.

Why are messages I have read in Boxyn still in my Inbox

Boxyn only marks messages as read. It doesn't delete messages from your email account, but swipe left or long press and you can move them to an archive folder on the server. This makes sure you don't lose anything and you can review later from a desktop email client.

I want to check who is in the conversation

Tap the icon in the top right of a conversation, this will show you who is in the group. You can also hide or archive from here.

Someone has forwarded me a message and I can’t see it

Boxyn has cleverly removed the previous content, but you want to see it. Tap the timestamp next to the message and you can show the original content.

Boxyn hasn't removed the conversation thread from one of my emails

Boxyn is learning all the time to remove signatures, and message thread information. However if it has missed one you can forward the email to and we will fix it!

I want to add another email account

Boxyn currently only supports a single account, but we are working on this for a future release.

There are quite a few messages now in my desktop client that I have read in Boxyn

That’s what the archive feature is for, select that and those messages will be moved for you all in one go, clever eh?

Language support

Most languages will be supported in an upcoming version.

Is my email data copied or saved on Boxyn’s servers?

Unlike many other mobile clients the Boxyn app connects directly to your email account, we have no visibility into your emails or access to your data. There is no replication anywhere.

My question isn't listed above

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