Branded Enterprise Mobile Messaging

No Servers
No Secuity Risks
MDM Deployment
Targeted To Your Domain

Boxyn For Your Company

Boxyn offers Enterprise white label solutions to allow you to deliver branded IM or email functionality to your employees mobile devices, without any additional overheads.

  • Utilise current email infrastructure to deploy messaging services.
  • No Additional platforms to learn, pay for or manage.
  • No Cloud Security risks. Keep your IM messages in house and archived using your existing email solution.
  • Lock down messaging by domain or AD group.
  • Creates interface between IM mobile client and desktop email.
  • Deploy customised Boxyn versions using existing device management solutions.
  • Feature development services for tight integration with other services, e.g. auto archive, compliance manager.

Please email to discuss your requirements and for a customised quotation.